ok so this is a post to links to videos of other people who have played Javert because this is me trying to raise awareness of those who have been forgotten or to introduce new fans to other javert’s that aren’t Russell Crowe:

Roger Allam

If you go into the Javert tag there is 76% chance you will find a post from someone who has discovered Douglas from Cabin Pressure was the original west end Javert. so there is like no footage of him as javert online so here’s a recording of him singing Stars:
(also this is probably the prettiest orchestration of stars ever it is my fave)
and here’s a link to the 1985 Olivier performance:
(so they actually cut Javert’s part from One Day More which is really the biggest travesty in the history of the olivier awards in my opinion)

Terrence Mann     

So if you’ve listened to the original broadway cast recording of les mis you’ve probably heard the incredibly young sounding yet wonderful Javert or maybe looked at photos and noticed that Javert is very pretty and has a++ facial structure. Anyway here’s him performing with the rest of the obc at the tony awards (he should have so one the tony for this):
and here’s him singing Stars:

Anthony Crivello  

Anthony Crivello is actually better known for playing Grantaire but he was Terrence Mann’s replacement on broadway and he sings ‘pay the price’ really brilliantly like wow no one sings it like him. Here’s the link to him singing Stars:

Philip Quast 

This is the Javert from the Tenth Anniversary Concert and he is really really great. His voice is easily makes him one of the best Javert’s and his acting is just wow. If you want to cry a lot watch his Javert’s suicide and here’s a link to hit:

Earl Carpenter 

Earl Carpenter more like how can someone be so talented and pretty and wonderful and sigh. He’s really really great like he has an amazing voice and he’s a really fab actor. If you think Russell Crowe’s Javert’s Suicide is good then please watch this man and you will be amazed wow he’s pretty perfect actually. Here’s a link to the video of it:
and here’s him singing Stars:
and here’s him performing the Confrontation with John Owen-Jones

Killian Donnelly

Remember the Irish guy who played Combeferre in the movie yeah well he was in Les Mis as an ensemble member but literally played every role apart from Cosette at least once. So here’s him singing Stars:

Hadley Fraser

Now what can I say about Hadley Fraser? He has a perfect voice and face and he’s a pretty good Javert to. He was Javert in 11/12 cast but we don’t talk about them too often because everyone starts crying. Here’s a recording of him singing the Confrontation with everyone’s favourite Ramin Karimloo:

 And that concludes this informative post. I know there are a lot more people I could have put in but I really can’t be bothered right now. 


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