i dont know them really but i took a look at their blog and it is very nice and they seem great and lovely!!


omg i dont know them very well at all but they’re blog is fab and they seem lovely and im so sorry im so bad at these!!

annaohbyrne and drewsandwich

im still a lil bit amazed that tumblr user annaohbyrne (now ohfantine i believe) follows me but they are such a genuinely nice and lovely person and they are just super fab tbh

drewsandwich is like my source of info on german musicals tbh and ive followed them for ages not but we’ve never really spoken however they seem super super great!!!

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omg ok we’ve spoken once or twice and they seem really nice and lovely and stuff and i always wish we would talk more bc the few times we have spoken have been great

Gregory Peck between scenes of To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

Send me a tumblr account on anon and i’ll tell you what i think of them

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chris rice of bom new york liked my pic of the bom london stage on instagram and i wanted to be like no sorry i didnt even see ur show i am thousands of miles away and i am sorry

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if you ever feel sad just look at this picture of andy mientus waiting for a wii u

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imagine your icon has suddenly, inexplicably, become your legal guardian

ohfantine replied to your post: the person who fucking outed me as ase…

… the fact that they outed you and are horrible doesn’t make it okay for you to talk about their sexuality with other people, love, even if they’re relatively open about it.

i phrased that badly i meant to say that the person already knew and brought it up in conversation with me so i assumed it was the person that had told them so i was like yeah and what???and now they’re making it like i was the one who told them and im the bad one