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Horrible Histories - William Shakespeare Song

It’s the Bard’s 450th birthday today!

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I thought I was looking at some surreal art for a second there

Are you saying it isn’t

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humans have it so great. we can literally crab walk whenever we want to and we’re not even crabs


Do you know why I like Peter Jöback so much?

Because he’s always got jöback.

trying to get what i did for love taken out my singing exam programme because the high belty bit at the end fricking kills my low alto voice

so i just watched a video of terrence mann’s javert’s suicide and like when he sings ‘this man has killed me even so’ his eyes widen and his expression changes as if he’s really just realised that he can’t see any other way other than ending his life and then a minute or so later his expression becomes really calm and neutral as if he’s come to terms with it and that my friends is some seriously great acting


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Anonymous said: if you dont mind my asking, whats so unbearable about the us tour cast? im seeing it in may and from the footage and audio ive seen/heard, i dont see any probelms

have u seen that gifset going round of cooper grodin’s acting at the unmasking scene and also have u seen the bit that’s borderline sexual assault

all im saying is that at least the phantom uk tour had a good enough cast to make the production just about bearable