quite a lot I think omg that’s why i edited my bio tbh

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tumblr user terrencemann is back for good this time

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victor hugo knew what he was doing okay he didn’t repeatedly reference gay greeks for shits and giggles 

selfie with former leader of hungary imre nagy

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characters that go from villain to awkward friend are so important

"You say he can dance? Let’s see this dancing. He wants ballet well then let’s see ballet. Don’t you dare! What kind of dance teacher are you? This is his big chance; so dance you little bastard!”

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this url is actually making me uncomfortable now

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i literally am my url



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the very first day I had my music teacher he sent me out the class and i locked myself in the staff toilet and shouted every time someone passed that he’d locked me in four days ago and i think that’s the exact moment he realised how awful the next three years of his teaching career were going to be

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